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Language Groups

There are 31 Pilbara Aboriginal Languages. Many of these languages have between 2 and 5 dialects. Within some languages there are further varieties that are not as distinct as a dialect.

Rock Art

The Burrup Peninsula and surrounding Dampier Archipelago have the highest concentration of rock art in the world.. Estimated at over 1,000,000 pieces, it cannot all be catalogued.


With approx 150 Communities located throughout the Pilbara, ranging in size from 10 to hundreds, each location has it's own group lore, rules and culture.

There are more than 31 Aboriginal cultural groups in the Pilbara. Most groups are referred to as language groups. Each culture has a traditional location where their people practised a hunter-gatherer and fire-stick farming lifestyle. A cyclical movement through the cultural group's land was determined by the availability of seasonal foods and water.


The cultures are highly spiritual with links to specific land features and locations. Custodianship obligations, care for specific land areas and the initiation of boys into tribal Law forms much of the cultural and spiritual activities.


Today Pilbara Indigenous culture still follows traditional Law patterns, processes and custodian duties. The beliefs that Dreamtime beings, who created the land features, control the water and provide food supplies, are still in existence in the land features, is still strongly felt throughout the Pilbara.

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However, movement off traditional land due to European settlement, and changes in the land due to the impact of pastoral, mining and settlements, has changed the way traditional Law is practised. This process of change is still underway as

Aboriginal people search for a balance between their custodian role and their involvement in wider Australian society.

The Aboriginal population of the Pilbara considerably predates, by 30–40,000 years, the European colonisation of the region. Archaeological evidence indicates that people were living in the Pilbara even during the harsh climatic conditions of the Last Glacial Maximum.The early history of the first peoples is held within an oral tradition, archeological evidence and petroglyphs. Near the town of Dampier is a peninsula known as Murujuga, which contains a large collection of world heritage listed petroglyphs, (Rock Art)  dating back thousands of years. Rock art in the Pilbara appears to have been primarily etched into the hard rock surfaces, compared to predominantly paintings on the softer sandstone in the Kimberley. This does not preclude that painting was and is not performed in the Pilbara. In 2006, it was estimated that 15% of the population of the Pilbara was of Indigenous background, approximately 6,000 people.

Community Groups throughout the Pilbara.

Badjaling Community
Barrel Well Community
Bayulu Community
Beagle Bay Community
Bell Springs Community
Bidan Community
Bidyadanga Community
Bilinue Community
Bilgungurr Community[1]
Bindi Bindi Community[2]
Blackstone Community
Bobieding Community
Bondini community
Brunbrunganjal Community
Burringurrah Community
Buttah Windee Community
Cheeditha Community
Cosmo Newbery
Cotton Creek Community
Crocodile Hole Community
Djarindjin Community
Djugerari Community
Four Mile Community
Frazier Downs Community
Ganinyi Community
Gidgee Gully Community
Gilaroong Community
Girriyoowa Community
Gooda Binya Community
Goolarabooloo Millibinyarri Community
Guda Guda Community
Gulgagulganeng community
Ilkulka Community
Imintji Community
Innawonga Community
Iragul Community
Irrungadji Community
Jameson Community
Jarlmadangah Burru Community
Jigalong Community
Jimbalakudunj Community
Jimbilum Community
Joy Springs Community
Jundaru community
Junjuwa community
Kadjina Community
Kandiwal community
Karalundi Community
Karnparri community
Kearney Range Community
Kiwirrkurra Community
Koorabye community
Kunawaritji Community
Kundat Djaru Community
Kupartiya Community
Kupungarri Community
Kurnangki community
Kurrawang community
Kutkabubba Community
Lamboo Gunian Community
Looma Community
Lundja community
Madunka Ewurry Community
Mallingbar community
Mandangala Community
Mantamaru Community
Marribank Community
Marta Marta Community
Marunbabidi Community
Mindibungu Community
Mingullatharndo Community
Mingalkala Community
Mirima community
Moongardie Community
Morrell Park community
Mount Margaret Aboriginal Community
Mowanjum Community
Mowla Bluff Community
Mud Springs Community
Mulan Community
Mulga Queen Community
Muludja Community
Mungullah Community
Munthamar Community
Nambi Village Community
Neem Community
Ngalingkadji Community
Ngallagunda Community
Ngumpan Community
Ngunulum Community
Ngurrawaana Community
Ngurtuwarta Community
Nicholson Block Community
Ninga Mia Village Community
Noonkanbah Community
Nygah Nygah Community
Oombulgurri Community
Pandanus Park Community
Papulankutja Community
Parnngurr Community
Parnpajinya community
Patjarr Community
Pia Wadjari Community
Punmu Community
Punju Njamal Community
Rollah Community
Shire of Ngaanyatjarraku
Swan Valley Nyungah Community
Tjirrkarli Community
Tjukurla Community
Tjuntjunjtarra Community
Tkalka Boorda Community
Wakathuni Community
Wanamulnyndong Community
Wanarn Community
Wandanooka community
Wangkatjungka Community
Warakurna Community
Warmun Community
Warralong Community
Warrayu community
Weymul Community
Wijilawarrim Community
Wollergerberleng Community
Wongatha Wonganarra Community
Woodstock Homestead Community
Woolah Community
Wuggubun Community
Wungo Community
Wurrenranginy Community
Yakanarra Community
Yandarinya Community
Yandeyarra Community
Yarrunga Community
Yirrallelm Community
Yiyili Community
Youngaleena Community
Yulga Jinna Community
Yungngora Community

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