The Pilbara is a wonderful place

There are many reasons you come to the Pilbara. Whether it be for work or lifestyle, whether you are sent here or by choice. Discover the many adventures that await you in this Vast, Pindan Red land.


The Pilbara is located in the north of the state, bordered by the Indian Ocean to the west and extending acroos the Great Sandy Desert to the Northern Territory border in the east. One of the largest regions in Western Australia, the Pilbara covers 507,896 square kilometeres of unique and breathtaking natural landscape.

The region offers an abundance of rugged gorges, secluded waterfalls and isolated rivers and billabongs within its three national parks; Millstream-Chichester, Karlamilyi, and Karijini. In addition to its magnificent inland attractions, the Pilbara's coastal plain is home to National Heritage listed Dampier Archipelago and the Montebello and Mackerel islands.

The Pilbara Map
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